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PLAY PLACES: Sunshine Circus: Little Big Topps!
Accessory for the Sunshine Circus
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Introducing those wondrous, talented, pocket-sized performers of amazing strength and versatility -- the LITTLE BIG TOPPS!

They fly through the air, they thrill us on the high-wire, they dance and they sing! These playful circus characters with bendable limbs were made to be in the Sunshine Circus. Collect them all!

Each charming doll is packaged with a short biography explaining how each grew up and eventually joined the Sunshine Circus.

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All Enchantmints™ products have been designed with this principle in mind:

For well-being, the developing child requires Goodness, Beauty and Truth.

Our mission is to embody these ideals by creating imaginative products that provide joy for children and parents alike.

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